Post Office Day

This morning we had a couple of hours blocked off at the post office where they had a couple of windows just for us! That was really nice, and about 8-10 of us went (I got a bus to take us there). I mailed 5 boxes home – 2 full of yarn and other craft stuff, one of books (that went media rate. . .) and 2 of just “stuff”. My room looks pretty bare now. I got a lot of cross stitching done today, and finished the project seen below. I also started a new project this evening, and it’s seeming to stitch up pretty quickly. I had a good run this afternoon with my Platoon Sergeant, and then we did 2 sets of 50 situps. My tailbone hurts from them – the floor is hard. But it felt good to do situps again – it’s been way too long since last time. My abs will probably hurt tomorrow. Dinner at the chow hall was steak, crab legs, chicken wings, and other stuff. I had crab legs and chicken wings. And some corn. And ice cream! It was a good dinner for a change. This evening I had nice chats with Mom (actually, she was before dinner), Dad, and Ryan. And I called on Skype for a little bit and got to talk to Robbie. But he was hungry and didn’t want to talk. That’s ok though.

Here’s a picture of my latest cross stitch finish. It’s called The Counting House and is by Little House Needleworks. Free Image Hosting at

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