Bare room

Today was the day. I packed. I have 5 boxes (none all that large) ready to be mailed home tomorrow. I got the majority of my extra equipment and uniforms packed and ready to put in the shipping containers next week. My room is pretty bare now, but I still have ONE picture of Robbie on my wall, my Runners World calendar and my Christmas cards up. And I still have my door, upper wall dividers (aka light blockers) and ceiling (another light blocker) up. Those and my blankets will be mailed home on 2 January, and I’ll sleep in my sleeping bag that last night here.

After lunch I finally computered (the internet was down a good part of the morning again) and got some stitching done. Just before I went to eat, I called Grandma and Grandpa. It’s always nice talking to them! After dinner I stitched more and chatted with Ryan as he was packing, and Dad.

Counting down the days!!

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