My day at the chapel!

Sunday. A good day. Today – a very good day! I got up and went to breakfast and then headed down to the chapel to get a little bit of practicing in before my service. The service went well and I played ok. And since the service was short, we sang Christmas carols at the end. That was a lot of fun! Some I played on piano and some Chaplain Ebb played on guitar and some we played together. After the service, Chaplain and I sat down for a little bit to talk about next week’s service, but we still have a little bit of planning to do for it. We’re going to do lessons and carols next week. Then it was home for some stitching and chatting online. After lunch, I headed back to the chapel for rehearsal for The Hallelujah Chorus. We actually had more than me in the soprano section – 5 to be exact! It was nice, and it’s starting to come together really nicely.

Then it was home for more stitching and chatting. And after dinner, it was back to the chapel again for Barbershop Chorus rehearsal. We actually made MUSIC tonight – it was awesome!! Things are really coming together for that which we are rehearsing for. Stay tuned after Christmas. . . After rehearsal, SSG Lester had to play for the last chapel service of the day (Traditional Protestant) and so I went to the service with CW3 (or is she a 4?) Choo, a really sweet lady that sings in the Barbershop group with me. It was a really nice service and a great sermon on being Spiritually Fit. We were both glad we stayed for it. Once that was over, SSG L and I got a ride back – our duty driver came in the truck to pick us up. That sure was nice.

When I got home, I “called” Ryan and Robbie again and had a nice chat with the two of them. I stitched while I talked and I watched them on the webcam a little bit. But we don’t do the webcams too much since it really slows it down cuz it takes up so much bandwidth. It is nice to see them a little bit though! And then I went and called Mom & Dad, and it’s always nice to talk to them. It’s been a while, so it was extra night tonight. I can’t wait until I’m back home and I can call them every Sunday night at 8 like I used to.

I didn’t get pictures uploaded today, but tomorrow I will, and I’ll share a pic of my nicely made bed, and also a couple of cross stitch pieces that are in progress.

One thought on “My day at the chapel!

  1. Lani,
    Glad you’re coming home to the USA soon! Hope all goes well with you until then. You and your fellow soldiers are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Merry Christmas and happy new year!!
    SusanNC Xstitch Pals

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