Battle Buddy

If you go anywhere around here, you need to have a battle buddy with you. Well, my buddy J had some business to take care of pertaining to getting our stuff (instruments, equipment, the library, etc.) out of here when we leave, so I went with him. He handles the business and I sit off to the side and read the book that I always carry in my cargo pocket. Right now I’m reading “The Cat Who Sang for the Birds” by Lilian Jackson Braun. It’s a good book, as are the other Cat Who books I’ve read so far. We were at one place pretty much all morning and then came back for lunch and went back to another place. We wouldn’t have had to come all the way back here to eat lunch, but J needed to get a special badge for the place we went this afternoon. I don’t have one, but he can sign me in.

Once we got back from there, I took a nap for a while and then went to the gym. I did about 20 minutes on the elliptical and then lifted weights (back and biceps). It was a good workout. We stopped at the chow hall for dinner on our way home and then I went and watched the last part of Band of Brothers and crocheted.

Question of the day: If you were told that you were not allowed to talk on your cell phone when the lights are out in the hooch (indicating quiet hours), would you still do it?

3 thoughts on “Battle Buddy

  1. question of the day

    probably not…because i would want to comply with the standard…maybe a silenct text…but even that might be offensive due to the lights on my cell phone…so probably not even that. no.

  2. answer

    I would have to say no to the cell phone. If those are the rules and it is quiet time then it would be inconsiderate to be on the phone.

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