Will it ever stop?

It rained most of last week and after a few nice days, it’s at it again. It’s so much fun walking through mud and puddles to go to the latrine or the chow hall. Going to the chow hall is the worst. There is a huge puddle we have to traverse through. Several of us have been talking about getting a boat for it. LOL From what I’ve heard from people who were here this time last year, this week or so is the worst for rain and bad weather. Of course, I’ve been watching Band of Brothers with my friend J, and boy that sure puts things in perspective. I really have nothing to complain about.

So, other than swimming to get anywhere, not much else has been going on. I was in the tower overnight Saturday to Sunday and had planned on going to chapel Sunday morning. But after falling asleep in the truck coming out from the tower, I decided against it. I slept a good part of the day Sunday and then stitched some when I got up.

Today was a 2 mile run for PT, breakfast, a surprise phone call home to mom & dad (!!), an hour of crocheting before formation because the internet was down and I couldn’t do my usual pre-formation e-mail check, and then after formation, J and I headed “downtown” – he had some business to take care of (that he ended up having to go back after lunch to do. . .) and I had to go talk to the Chaplain to get music for next Sunday. I’ll be playing the piano for my protestant service until I leave as the other piano player is leaving now. We also went up to the PX and got some coffee from Green Beans and just kind of sat for a while. After lunch and formation was more crocheting. After dinner was Band of Brothers with J and I crocheted during it.

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