They may wear different clothes. They may have different cultural beliefs. They may have different family values. They may live in different kinds of houses. But no matter where you go, kids are kids. They all like playing in the mud, throwing rocks in mud puddles, running around and chasing each other, and just having fun.

Those were my observations today during my 12 hour tower duty shift. I had to fill in for another soldier who was ill. During the day, the kids bring their families’ goats out to graze. At one point today, there was close to 20 children of all ages – a baby being carried by a young girl all the way up to 10-12 or so years old. It’s been raining the past few days and there were some good sized puddles for them to play in, and plenty of mud. I really enjoyed watching them play and watch their goats – there wasn’t anything else going on. It was a long day, but it wasn’t bad. I did take a few pictures, but I’m too tired to upload them right now.

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