Tower Duty

Yesterday I got up and went to chapel and then went back to bed. I dozed off and on throughout the day – hard to sleep when people keep banging things against the walls in the next “room” and slamming the door as they go in and out of the hooch, etc. We even had a sign on the door that said to please be quiet as a night shift worker was sleeping. Rude people. . .

So a little after 6, SGT SD and SPC EB and I headed out. EB was on ECP (the duty I had before) and SD and I were on tower duty. We had our guard mount formation and then headed to Tower 4. It was a long night of watching over the fence for local nationals to be doing stuff they weren’t supposed to. As during most nights, there was nothing going on. I think the most exciting part of my evening was taking my silks (silk long underwear that the Army issues us. . .) off from under my ACU pants while in a port-a-potty. Of course, I was wearing complete body armor as well, and it was a task just to get my pants unbuttoned let alone remove clothing. But I managed. Had there been a video camera in there, it certainly would have made for a funny video. LOL As the night progressed, we got chow around midnight and the Sergeant of the Guard (SOG) hung out with us for a while when he brought our chow, and ate with us. It got down to probably 35-40 and it kept me awake having to go down to pee every hour or so – and the plastic seat in the port-a-potty was COLD. SD and I drank close to 2 pots of coffee during the night to help keep us awake. Around 0300 he went and did a foot patrol to each of our tower limits and then around 0530 I went and did one for Stand-To. I had to go down to Tower 5 and meet up with a guy from Tower 6 (T5 isn’t manned currently), hang out for a bit, and then walk back. It was only about 1/4 mile, but with all my body armor, helmet, weapon, and an extra weapon with some kind of chemical pellet, it was a long walk. It sure was a nice sight to see our relief pull up in the truck around 0715. Then we went and picked EB up from the ECP and headed home.

After breakfast, I climbed into bed and slept for 6 hours. That sure was nice. Then I got some stitching done, went to dinner, crocheted some, and now I’m going to bed for the night.

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