Six More Years!!

Today was my reenlistment day! I didn’t do much all morning – should have practiced tuba but I didn’t feel like it. My reenlistment ceremony was after lunch – supposed to be at 1300, but the Division Reenlistment NCO got tied up and finally showed up at 1345. So I got my contract signed Free Image Hosting at and then we went inside for the ceremony. This was the first time I’ve had my commander be my reenlisting officer – it’s always been my Chaplain before. Here’s Chief administering the Oath to me: Free Image Hosting at And here’s the “grip and grin” handshake/certificate picture: Free Image Hosting at My speech afterwards was very short – “Thanks everyone.” I’m not much for speaking in public, so that sufficed. Of course, during the 45 minute wait before hand, any speech that I had not thought of making was completely lost.

That was pretty much it for the day. I just hung out with my friends the rest of the afternoon – there really wasn’t time for a BQ rehearsal after my ceremony was done. I’ll leave you with a couple more pictures from the past week or so. This is me cleaning my M-16 Free Image Hosting at And here’s our unofficial unit mascot. He crawled out from under the rehearsal hall one day and we have him in a plastic jug now. Since this picture was taken, rocks and sand have been added to his “habitat”: Free Image Hosting at

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