Six More Years!!

Today was my reenlistment day! I didn’t do much all morning – should have practiced tuba but I didn’t feel like it. My reenlistment ceremony was after lunch – supposed to be at 1300, but the Division Reenlistment NCO got tied up and finally showed up at 1345. So I got my contract signed Free Image Hosting at and then we went inside for the ceremony. This was the first time I’ve had my commander be my reenlisting officer – it’s always been my Chaplain before. Here’s Chief administering the Oath to me: Free Image Hosting at And here’s the “grip and grin” handshake/certificate picture: Free Image Hosting at My speech afterwards was very short – “Thanks everyone.” I’m not much for speaking in public, so that sufficed. Of course, during the 45 minute wait before hand, any speech that I had not thought of making was completely lost.

That was pretty much it for the day. I just hung out with my friends the rest of the afternoon – there really wasn’t time for a BQ rehearsal after my ceremony was done. I’ll leave you with a couple more pictures from the past week or so. This is me cleaning my M-16 Free Image Hosting at And here’s our unofficial unit mascot. He crawled out from under the rehearsal hall one day and we have him in a plastic jug now. Since this picture was taken, rocks and sand have been added to his “habitat”: Free Image Hosting at

Not much, BQ & a Baptism, and Nothing

Saturday we didn’t do much. I did run 3.25 miles in the morning for PT even though we don’t have to do PT on Saturdays. After formation, I practiced my tuba for a bit and then stitched. After lunch we had a short BQ rehearsal just to go over the hymns for Sunday, and then I went home and stitched more. After dinner I probably stitched more and/or hung out with my friends.

Sunday was a good day. I had my first BQ gig here and we played really well at the Reformation Sunday service at the chapel. It was the service that I normally go to. 1LT Erica Anne Stephenson was Baptized into the family of Christ and also Confirmed as a member of the Lutheran Church. It was really neat at the end of her confirmation. She was told to remove her dog tags as they were now obsolete and she was given new dog tags that correctly identify her as a Lutheran Soldier! I thought that was pretty cool. After the service, we had time for pictures and I’ll be getting copies of them from Chaplain Ebb and Erica. We had one fun one with me, Erica, Sarah (a National Guard soldier) and Chaplain. We all had temporary tatoos on our upper arms that had a picture of Martin Luther and said “Luther is my Homeboy”. I’ll get a copy of that picture, too. Once we got back from the chapel, I took a nap for a couple of hours and then stitched, went to the PX to pay for another month of internet, and then stitched more.

Yesterday was a day of nothing pretty much. We did PT – ran to the PX and back for 2 miles. Then after formation there was no concert band as Chief had stuff to take care of. I made a phone call and did a bit of e-mail for a gig that came in last minute that I was going to Op, but then it ended up going to the other BQ instead of a cut down band because they only needed a very small group. So that took up my morning. After lunch I stitched a little bit and I don’t remember what else I did. Hmm. . . I don’t know. After dinner a group of us hung out with I since he’s going home to take care of his wife who just had back surgery and their 4 kids. We brought him to the Passenger Terminal about 9:30 and then I came back and chatted with a friend for a bit and then went to bed.