A test of endurance

Salaam! That’s the most common greeting in the Dari language, spoken by the people of Afghanistan. It basically means peace.

I slept in this morning and didn’t do PT – and I got 8 1/2 hours of sleep! I actually felt refreshed when I woke up. Oh to be able to do that every night. . . After formation, I came back to my room and practiced my tuba for a while and then I stitched until lunch. I started reading The Bookseller of Kabul (thanks Aunt C and Uncle W. . .) while I was waiting for my buddies to show up to go eat with and when they showed up, I didn’t want to put it down. I’m glad it just barely fits in my cargo pocket. There was a pretty long line for chow today so I read more while waiting in line.

After lunch was BQ rehearsal. We played through the 4 hymns for church on Sunday and then just started going through our book. I wanted to see what the endurance level of the group was, and by about 30 minutes into the going through (45 if you count the hymns), it was starting to sound pretty bad. But it let everyone know what they need to work up to by next Friday when we have our first chow hall gig and we’ll be playing for an hour straight.

After rehearsal I chatted with Ryan for a bit before he headed to work, and then I stitched more before going to the gym. We did back and biceps today, but no cardio. It seems that everyone else was doing cardio today and we couldn’t get on ellipticals OR treadmills. Oh well. . . After dinner, I had a nice relaxing evening hanging out with my friends.

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