Lots of things, including getting shot (NO – don’t panic)

By 8:00 this morning I had run 3.25 miles, eaten breakfast, taken a shower, and turned my weapon in for gauging. It’s some kind of something that has to be done to weapons on occasion that someone from outside our unit came to do. So after I turned my weapon in, I still had an hour before concert band, so I came home and chatted and did other computer stuff. Concert band went ok – not the best, and I think Chief was getting a little frustrated with how things were going (or not?) and he let us out a little after 10:30. So I came home and did computer stuff again and then I took a nap until lunch.

After lunch we got our flu shots. The medic people came right to our rehearsal hall and we were all done being shot probably within 10 minutes of them arriving. I got some pictures, but I haven’t uploaded them yet. Tomorrow I’ll get to that. Once that was done, I went and talked to the Reenlistment NCO. More on that on another day. . . .

When I got home I crocheted another snowflake, went to dinner, and then hung out with my friends. I’m really going to bed early tonight – like within 1/2 hour.

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