More days. . .

Ok, so I’ve been pretty bad about writing this month. Now it’s been 3 days. . .

Sunday morning was breakfast with a friend and then church. There were a few new faces there so that’s a good thing! When I got home, I helped the Rock Band and Woodwind Quartet load their equipment on the truck – they had an “out of town” gig. And then after lunch I spent the whole afternoon in my room stitching. That sure was nice! After dinner I stitched some more and called Mom & Dad. I didn’t get to chat with my guys cuz they weren’t home. 😦 I did enjoy the quiet in here – I was the only female because of the gig.

Monday for PT I ran 2 miles – my fastest 2 mile time other than the PT test. There wasn’t much going on all day with 1/2 the band gone, so I cleaned my weapon and practiced my tuba and stitched. After lunch, I got together with my supervisor to start working on my annual evaluation report and we had a nice talk about what I’ve done so far, and he thinks I’m doing a good job around here and setting a good example and stuff like that. Then I went to the gym with my friends and did 6.37 miles on the elliptical in an hour. We were going to lift weights, too, but there wasn’t any open machines and we were hungry and didn’t feel like waiting around. After supper was a bit of downtime, and then we had to go help the RB and WWQ load their stuff onto the truck when they got back to the airfield. They had had quite a day, and in less than 24 hours had unloaded/loaded their equipment ELEVEN times. They were beat and sore and our commander said the rest of the band would load/unload the final time. Not a big deal – I had planned to help when they got back anyway. So we did that, and by the time we were done, it was pretty much time to go to sleep, so I didn’t get anymore stitching in. But that’s ok.

This morning, the other females didn’t have to get up for PT because of yesterday, and I forgot to unmute my computer so I didn’t get up for PT either (my alarm clock is on my computer). It wasn’t a big deal, and my body needed the rest after yesterday’s gym session. So I went to breakfast and then formation. We did BQ rehearsal this morning and sight read some Christmas music and then went through our hymns for Sunday. After lunch we had our weapons inspected by our armorers and mine was pretty good. I had just a couple places I needed to clean a bit more, but that only took maybe 15 minutes. Then I crocheted some and then took a nap. After I woke up, I crocheted and computered more and skipped out on going to the gym. After dinner, my friend Ian and I went and got coffee from the coffee shop and just sat and talked about our families and stuff for a while. When I got home, I finished the snowflake I had started earlier and now I’m ready for bed. I’ve got 10 snowflakes done!

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