I started the day off with church and that was nice, as always! Then me and 2 friends went to the PX to pay for another month of internet and then to a computer store but we didn’t find what they were looking for there. Then it was home for formation and a promotion ceremony. Nicolaus Juarez was promoted from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant First Class. It was a nice ceremony and he is certainly deserving of his new rank. He’s my team leader, and I would like to consider him a friend as well.

After his ceremony, most everyone went to lunch – I had a corn dog, some cheese sticks, and some pickles. And Gatorade to drink. I do eat veggies sometimes, but today’s selection was pretty gross. After lunch I went back to my room and took a nap for an hour and a half or so. We were supposed to go to the gym at 3:30, but my buddies were still napping. At least I set my alarm. . . LOL So they went later but I didn’t go with them as I was going to the chapel for the Barbershop Chorus they have. They need more voices, and there are a couple of guys from the band in it. It was pretty fun – I’ll be singing the Tenor part. They might start doing a little bit of SATB stuff, too, and that’ll be nice so I don’t have to sing at the bottom of my range all the time. We’re doing some hymns, some fun tunes, and starting to work on Christmas music to go caroling. One of the members is one of my Chaplains from Korea!! I haven’t seen him since I left, so it was nice talking to him again. He’s gotten promoted, too, since I last saw him.

Once I got home, I had a nice Skype chat with Ryan and Robbie. Robbie actually said “Love you Momma”!!!!!! Ryan’s been working with him on that. Then it was Robbie’s naptime and I need to get nite-nite like I told Robbie I had to go. So, off to bed I go. . .

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