Rehearsal, and then another

I slept in this morning and boy it sure felt good! My alarm didn’t go off until 0645 – almost 2 hours later than normal! On Saturdays, PT is optional, and I “optionaled” to stay in bed. LOL I met my friend for breakfast about 7:30 – after a nice chat with my Sweetie. The morning was all concert band rehearsal. We’ve got some pretty tough music for a concert coming up in a couple of weeks. Rehearsal didn’t go too bad.

After lunch was brass quintet rehearsal, and I was kind of nervous about it after the reaction I got from the 3 soldiers that I put on mandatory practice. But we had fun just like we always do and our music is actually starting to sound like music! We’ve got 12 pieces we’re concentrating on now, and when we get them down good, I’ll start adding a few more here and there. Since it had been a long day of playing already, and things sounded really good, I let them go 1/2 hour early. They appreciated that, I’m sure.

I went and had a massage done around 4 and boy that sure felt good. The girl that did it (ok, so she was probably my age, maybe a little younger) got rid of the knot that I’ve had from carrying my weapon around, and that was the whole point in the massage. Well, that, and I figured I’ve made it a month so I deserved a little bit of pampering. Then it was time for dinner and home for a nice relaxing shower. I watched a movie tonight – the band does movie night in the rehearsal hall on Friday and Saturday evenings. And, yes, I stitched. . . It was a pretty good movie, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it. I’m like that with movies.

Since it’s 2230 already and I have to get up about 6:30 to get ready for church, I guess I should be getting to bed.

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