Another day. . .

I was tired from yesterday I guess. I didn’t wake up until around 10 so I missed church . . . and breakfast. I went to the PX with a couple of guys from the band, and I bought a blanket from one of the locals selling stuff. It’s like the blankets I got in Korea, but smaller. It’s the perfect size for my bed here. The guy wanted $30 for it, and I told him all I had was $20. And in my head, I said I could get much bigger ones in Korea for $25. He told me that he took credit cards, but I told him I didn’t have one (and I didn’t – not on me cuz I was in my PT uniform). So then I started walking away. He came after me and asked if I liked the blanket. I said yes, and that I like teddy bears (it’s blue with bears on it). He said, Ok $20. So I paid him and got my blanket. Now I won’t be cold at night! I met back up with the 2 guys and we headed back home. I did some stuff online and stitched a little bit and then I had brass quintet rehearsal at 1400. We actually have a couple of songs that are pretty close to being ready to be performed. That’s a good thing.

After rehearsal I went to the gym and lifted some weights and had a good workout, and then we stopped to eat dinner on our way home. I had salmon tonight, and it was really good – especially considering I don’t really like salmon. After I got back, I chatted, checked my e-mail and message boards, called Ryan & Robbie on Skype, and stitched.

It was a good day!

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