I ran 3 miles for PT this morning – almost 5 minutes faster than I did on Monday with “tubby soldier”. I ran with JG and we had a good time. After morning formation, we had a rehearsal of memorized marches to see how we’re doing on memorizing them. I can tell you that I need MUCH work on mine. Then we had an OPS staff meeting, and we’ll be doing these weekly now. It was a productive meeting. After lunch was brass quintet rehearsal – we played through almost all 12 of the pieces we’ve picked out for chow hall gigs. We still need a lot of work, but we’re starting to get our endurance up. I really need to work on tuba to get to performance mode on it. For afternoon PT, JG and I just did some pushups and called it an afternoon. I got some stitching in before dinner and then a bit more after. I’m off to bed now as I have an early morning tomorrow.

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