Rain? How about HAIL?

We did 2 miles of intervals for PT this morning – about 1/4 mile warm up and then we used the electric poles – 2 fast and 2 slow. It was a good workout, and I definitely need to do them more often. The rest of the day was pretty much a nothing day again. No concert band this morning, so I came home and played on my computer and crocheted. I did have to do a short and easy computer test so I can get a government account over here, but other than that it was a pretty boring morning. After lunch and formation, me and JG went to the Post Office and then the PX. We got back and decided against going to the gym, so I crocheted more. We headed out to dinner about 1800, and there was a storm coming in. AWESOME lighting!! During dinner, we heard it start – gotta love metal roofs. We leave the chow hall, and it’s not just raining. It’s HAILING. We’re talking marble sized HAIL. And we have about 1/4 mile walk from the chow hall back to our hooches. OWIE!! And of course, I had my camera with me today, so I had that in one of my top pockets in my shirt and my arms over it trying to keep it dry. I succeed at that, but I was soaked through when I got home. Hopefully my boots dry before tomorrow. So I just spent the rest of the evening crocheting.

Oh, yesterday was a good day. Two good workouts at the gym – used the elliptical trainer both times plus lifted some weights and did some situps and crunches. In the afternoon we had Brass Quintet rehearsal and that was another good rehearsal. We still have a ways to go before we’ll be ready for performances, but we’re getting there. And we’re having fun playing if nothing else. In the evening I crocheted and went to bed EARLY (like at 2130).

Video of the Day:
Lightning in the Evening Sky

One thought on “Rain? How about HAIL?

  1. cool storm video!

    Lani, Cool storm video (looked better once I turned the room lights out! ). I love lightning storms, especially if I’m inside safe and sound. Thanks!
    –Lynn in southern NJ USA; CyberStitchers Chapter EGA

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