Nothing Day

Today was pretty boring. I went for about a 3 mile run with a soldier who is overweight and can’t pass the run on the PT test. Normally there is another NCO with us, but he had another commitment and couldn’t do PT this morning. It took us nearly 37 minutes to finish the run, and the pace was so slow that I barely broke a sweat. Talk about frustrating. I really don’t think he’s going to be able to pass come the next PT test the end of October, nor lose enough weight to make the Army happy. But I’ll stick with trying to help him.

After morning formation, I had to print out something for 1SG and then I had a phone call to make for OPS. Other than practicing, that’s all I had to do today. And I couldn’t practice because my stomach was icky. I played one note on the tuba and decided that wasn’t a good idea. My OPS phone call was unsuccessful as well – all 5 times I tried. So I stitched some, and I took about an hour and a half or so nap – napped through lunch again. But I went and got some to go after 1300 formation. Then I stitched some more, and chatted with Ryan and Mom and Dad. It was a really productive day. LOL

I did get some pictures of my “new” room taken, and also a new video tour, so here you go with those:
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

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