Trip to Michigan and Robbie’s Birthday Party!

Thursday we left early and headed west to Michigan. We drove through Canada, and going through customs was uneventful both ways. Rick met us at Mary Maxim in Port Huron and we had lots of fun looking through all their tent sale stuff and in the store as well. We all bought a few things. Then we went to Pizza Hut for supper and that was really good. Mom and Dad got to Rick’s about an hour and a half or so after we got home. It sure was good to see them again!!

Friday we went to the surplus store at Michigan State University. There was some stuff there we could have used for our house, but it wouldn’t have fit in the van to get it home. On our way back to Rick’s house, we stopped at the post office, Rick’s bank, and his place of work so his coworkers could all see Robbie. After naptime and when Mom and Dad had got back from Dad’s doctor’s appointment, we went to Hobby Lobby for some stuff and then to eat at Steak N’ Shake and then to Meijer for some groceries and other stuff. I baked a cake and some cupcakes after Robbie went to bed.

Saturday morning was Rick’s annual neighborhood yard sale, so we walked around to all of them. Lots of stuff to see, and we even bought some. I think I’m the only person who didn’t get anything. When we got home we ate lunch and then while Robbie napped, I decorated Robbie’s cake and Dad helped with the cupcakes. Mom helped with the edge around the cake. Free Image Hosting at It took almost 2 1/2 hours to finish, but it was worth it to see Robbie’s face when he saw it after his nap!! Almost right at 4 people started arriving for Robbie’s party – Rick invited coworkers, church people, and neighbors. It was a lot of fun and he got a lot of nice presents.

Sunday morning was church and then brunch/lunch at a buffet place that stopped serving breakfast way too early for Sundays, but we all managed to get some before they took it away. We also stopped at Toys R Us to exchange the one present that Robbie got that was a duplicate of something he already had. Then it was time to head home, back through Canada. Again, no problems going through customs either way! We got home a little after 10 and boy were we tired.

Today was a day of packing and preparing and mailing and all kinds of stuff. We had formation this morning and then it was pretty much whatever you needed to take care of. I leave tomorrow, so there won’t be a journal for a while – until I get settled in Afghanistan.

Here are more pictures from Robbie’s party:
Ryan and I gave him BIG stuffed Bob the Builder and Wendy dolls: Free Image Hosting at
Here’s the sweater that Gramma made: Free Image Hosting at
And here are 3 videos of Robbie playing during his party:

Have a great couple of weeks until I see you again!

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