Shot again and company for dinner

After formation this morning I painted the bottoms of my 2 duffel bags – desert sand base and black stencils with unit, name, and last 4 of my SSN. Then I went and turned in my paperwork for my claims on damaged stuff from our move and then to get my 2nd Anthrax shot. When I got back to the band hall, I did some admin work and then went home for the day. I vacuumed up the cat clumps (Callie doesn’t shed in the manner most cats do – she leaves small clumps of fur) and straightened up a little bit. I did computer stuff. I took a much-needed 45 minute nap and then a nice relaxing shower to wake up. Then I read a couple of newspapers and crocheted a coaster. I got the dishwasher emptied and the table set. And then my guys got home from work and school. Robbie sure was dirty – they played in the sandbox at school today. They played outside more while I was getting supper going.

We had spaghetti, and one of my friends/coworkers came over for supper. He helped me start packing and making sure I was taking the right stuff and nothing extra. Most of my gear is packed – I just need to work on uniforms and personal items now. It was nice having an extra pair of hands and a knowlegeable person helping me. Before he left we had Apple Crisp and ice cream for dessert. Robbie showed off what a big boy he is by helping clear the table after dessert – he put the spoons on the counter and threw the plates (paper) in the garbage. My friend was quite impressed!

After a quick bath for my very dirty little boy, we tucked him into bed (about an hour and a half past his bedtime) and it was time to relax finally. I crocheted a little bit more, and now it’s computer stuff and then bed.

Overnight low: 59
Today’s high: 79

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