Mommy & Robbie Day again!

We slept in this morning again – no work for me and no school for Robbie. We had a pretty good morning other than that he didn’t want his diaper changed. After breakfast and playing for a while, we went to the post office and then out to post to get a battery and a memory card for my new camera. When we got home, we had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and chips and fruit for lunch and then he went upstairs for a nap. I finally got to play with my camera, and I can take little videos with it! I took one of Callie just to try it out, and then when Robbie got up from his nap, I took some of him – one of him getting up, and then we went outside to play so I got him playing with his ball.

Supper was steak kebabs that Ryan grilled. They turned out pretty good, but the potatoes weren’t done and I finished them in the microwave. The steak was good and my mushrooms were really YUMMY!! We had green and red peppers and onions as well. After supper is the 3rd of the Robbie videos and he was dancing and being silly. Once he went to bed, I did a few computer things and then stitched some.

Here’s the link for the videos: Just click on each one, and then push the play button.

Overnight low: 55
Today’s high: 75

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