Stitching Friends!

I got up early this morning and made cinnamon streusel muffins for my guys. I also made coffee for me and Ryan – our first pot of coffee in our new house. LOL Then we left for just outside of Rochester, about 2 1/2 hours away. Some of my stitching friends from one of the message boards I post on got together at a hotel this weekend, and it was so wonderful getting to meet them. Two of the 6 ladies I’ve met before, the other 4 were just as fun! Ryan and Robbie came along because they wanted to meet my guys as well (especially Robbie). We talked for a while and did show-and-tell with our stitching pieces we had with us. I got lots of nice compliments on mine. And then we went to lunch and had lots of good food and more talking! They all commented on how well-behaved Robbie was. After we ate, we headed back home and stopped for ice cream once we got back to Watertown. We had some coupons for free sundaes that would expire tomorrow, so that was our supper.

We played for a while when we got home – Robbie and I played the piano and Ryan played a computer game. It was fun! Then Robbie went to bed and I stitched more.

Today’s low: 66 (current temp)
Today’s high: 73 (and rain)

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