A day with my son!

I had the day off work today and Robbie’s daycare was closed, so we had a nice day together. We had cocoa puffs for breakfast about 9 and then we headed into Watertown to go to Michaels. I got some yarn for prayer shawls that I’ll be working on while I’m in Afghanistan. And I got some plastic beads and some felt and some wiggly eyes – craft project stuff for Daddy and Robbie while I’m gone. And we got another flag pole and holder so we can put out our Jeff Gordon flag finally. On our way home, we stopped at McDonald’s for lunch!

Once we got home it was almost naptime, so we went and played in his room for a while and I change his diaper and then he climbed into bed without me prompting him to. I got some of my stuff together that I need to pack, and did some work in the yard, and stitched some. When Robbie woke up, we went out and played/worked in the yard more. He even “shoveled” some of the wood chips from one side to the other. Of course, most of them ended up on the sidewalk, but we still had fun. And then I got a box and we picked up some of the rocks that have appeared. When Ryan got home, we loaded the wood (see the pics from yesterday) into Ryan’s truck and then I made tacos for supper. We played some more, and then it was time for “ba”. Robbie loves taking baths! Then it was bedtime for him and more stitching for me.

It was a good day!

Overnight low: 61
Today’s high: 86

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