Change of Command #2

Today was just about like yesterday – bring Robbie to daycare at 8 (that’s when they eat breakfast, in case you were wondering), stitch in the parking lot at work until formation at 9. Get on the bus and go to the parade field. Perform change of command ceremony. Today’s group was a little bigger than yesterday, but not much. It was still pretty short, although the outgoing commander’s speech was a bit lengthy. Once we got back to the band hall, we were done for the day unless we had office work to do, which I didn’t. So I went home and had lunch and did computer stuff. I crocheted a little this afternoon and got 2 more pairs of flip flops done. I picked Robbie up from daycare early so he would have time to eat and then we headed out to post where we met Ryan to go to the Family Pre-Deployment Briefing. It was mandatory for the soldiers and strongly recommended for the spouses/family members. There were a lot of good handouts to take home and look at later, and I guess some good info put out. Lots of it we knew already. Robbie was pretty good through it – he had plenty of toys and his coloring book to keep him busy. Then it was home to bed for him, supper for me and Ryan, and then a little more crocheting time.

Here’s a picture of the cross stitch piece I finished yesterday: Free Image Hosting at

Overnight low: 59
Today’s high: 77

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