Still More Drill Band. . .Oh, wait. . . That was a ceremony!

Formation was at 9 again today, so I dropped Robbie off at 8 at daycare and went and stitched in the parking lot for a bit. We played a Change of Command ceremony this morning. It went really well and was fairly short. There was a nice breeze blowing as well, and for a little bit, I thought I was going to lose some of my music. But it hung on and stayed in my flip folder. After we got back to the band hall, there was some administrative stuff to take care of, but I didn’t have anything to do and my shop supervisor let me go home. I stopped for gas on my way home, and then had a nice chat with A again as I ate my lunch.

I took a nap this afternoon and then I stitched some. When Ryan let me know that he was on his way to get Robbie from daycare, I called and ordered pizza. It was delivered just before the guys got home and we had a nice supper. After supper we went outside for “bubba” – to blow bubbles! It was a lot of fun. We met our neighbor from across the street as well – he stopped by and chatted for a while. Seems like a nice guy.

Robbie took a quick bath before bed to wash off all the “bubba” and then once he was in bed, I stitched more and finished a project I’ve been working on! It’s called I Love Cats, and it’s actually for us. My digital camera has died, so I’ll take a picture tomorrow using the video camera. It doesn’t have a flash, so I need lots of light.

Overnight low: 57
Today’s high: 77