Rifle Qualification Day

My day had an early start again. I had to be at the medical section at Clark Hall (soldier service center) to get my TB test (PPD) done at 0600. Of course, once I got there, I found out that I didn’t need to have one done since I’ve had one in the past year. It would have been nice if someone had let me know that. . . Oh well. I went back to the band hall and snoozed for a little while and SPC B came there as well after she got hers done. We went to draw weapons again at 0700 and then back to the band hall for more sleep for her and I read. About 0830 we headed over to the rifle range – an indoor range! That sure was a change, but nice because of the heat. Well, nice at least while we were waiting to go to the firing area. I was POURING with sweat while I was shooting and after every couple of shots I had to reach up and wipe the sweat out of my firing eye (right eye). But when all was said and done, I shot 30 out of 40, and I’m happy with that. It’s my second best score ever. SPC B got a 32 on her second try.

We were finally done, with weapons cleaned, about 1320 and we headed back up to Batallion to turn our weapons in and SPC B had to go get her equipment issue (the one I did about a month or so ago). It worked out to be perfect timing so that was a good thing for her. I went back to the band hall and put her stuff in her Jeep and headed home (we had to use the duty van since we can’t have weapons in personal cars). I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to do shopping for the week, and after I got that put away, I took a much-needed shower. I had it almost all the way on cold and it felt good.

When Ryan and Robbie got home, Robbie and I played while Ryan took a shower and then we headed out to Watertown to eat supper. It was just too hot to cook, and with no air conditioning in the house, it was hot. We had planned on going to Applebees, but I guess everyone else did too and we didn’t feel like waiting so we went across the parking lot to the Chinese buffet place we like (1 of several). It sure was nice sitting in the A/C while we ate! After we got home, we played for a while more and then got washed up and teeth brushed for bedtime. And then it was time to stitch and watch TV for a little while. And I made strawberry shakes for me and Ryan.

Overnight low: 75
Today’s high: 93 (with a heat index of 108)

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