Today was actually a pretty interesting training day. SPC B and I drew weapons at 0700 (meaning we got them from the arms room – we didn’t draw a picture of them. . .) and then didn’t have to be at training until 0930. So we went to Burger King for breakfast, but they didn’t open until 0800 so we sat in the parking lot for 1/2 an hour. At least I had a book with me. We took turns going in to get our food since someone had to stay with the weapons. After we ate, we headed out to where the training was taking place and got all settled in. Turned out we didn’t even need our weapons or gear today, but at least we had them in case we would have needed them. Today’s training was Pre-Marksman Instruction, or PMI. It was actually really interesting, and I learned quite a few things that will hopefully help me qualify tomorrow. I haven’t done a full PMI like this in a long time, and it really helped going back to the basics of marksmanship training. It was all Power Point slides, but we did get a handout with all the information on it as well. The instructor is really nice, and he said he’d help us out tomorrow if we needed it.

We got done a little after 1:30 and went and turned our weapons back in to the arms room and called it a day. I came home and got supper going in the crockpot and then took a nice shower. I just relaxed a little, oh, and I folded a bunch of laundry that has been clean for a few days. When Ryan and Robbie came home, Robbie and I had lots of fun playing while Ryan went and took a shower. Robbie had some coins and was having fun putting them into a bowl Free Image Hosting at and then dumping them out again. Free Image Hosting at

Dinner turned out not-so-good – I made chicken and cheesy rice that I’ve done before, but the rice didn’t have enough liquid or something and was a little crunchy. The chicken was really good, so at least we had something. Ryan did eat some of the rice, but so much for having leftovers (and this is REALLY good warmed up). One of these days I’m going to figure out how to cook rice so it’s not crunchy. . . After we got cleaned up from supper, we had a lot of fun playing. We took turns giving Robbie horsey rides around the house and we wrestled on the floor and just had lots of little kid fun!

Once Robbie was in bed, I got the beginning of the month bills paid and then sat down with my stitching and TV for a little while. Off to bed because tomorrow starts even earlier than today did.

Overnight low: 61
Today’s high: 84

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