Training – Day 3

Today was a day of many more briefings. However, we weren’t in the same place as we were before and we could actually have food or drinks in there with us and it was much easier to stay awake. Of course, the briefings were more interesting as well. We got a little bit longer for lunch than on Monday, so I went to Burger King to get some food. I ate my burger and fries in the car and then was carrying my vanilla shake in with me for the afternoon. Well, you know how cups “sweat” when the beverage is cold and the air is warm? My cup slipped right out of my hand just as I got to the door to go in. So there was a big puddle of vanilla shake and I had to go throw my cup out. Luckily it was raining, so it got washed away fairly quickly, but still. I was looking forward to that shake and I had only taken a couple of sips out of it. So I went and found the vending machine to get a Mountain Dew. That was sold out and I ended up settling for Diet Pepsi. During the afternoon, we had some videos to watch instead of all Power Point presentations, so that was nice, and they were interesting as well. Oh, and don’t ask what the briefings were about because I’m not at liberty to talk about them.

I stopped at Walmart to get some yarn for an upcoming crochet project and then I went and got Robbie from daycare. We had lots of fun – drew on the sidewalk with chalk, chased each other around our tree, and just played. We had chicken nuggets and string cheese for supper. Ryan had to work until 8, so that’s where he was. I even got a good couple of hours of stitching in tonight!

Today’s low: 70 (current temp)
Today’s high: 79