I hate allergies

No training again today, but I did have to work. We had two Troop Return Ceremonies to play at. The first one was this morning, and there were maybe 100 soldiers. Then we had the rest of the day off until the evening one. I chatted with a couple of friends, cleaned up the house a little, found a babysitter for Robbie for a couple hours this evening (my work overlapped with Ryan’s work and he couldn’t get off early because he’s started his training as a delivery driver and they were out delivering a load). Oh, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from post and got milk, juice, ketchup, and a few other things. I walked to the post office in the early afternoon to mail a couple of things.

And through all of this, I was sneezing and blowing my nose and being miserable. My allergies are BAD right now. You think maybe mowing the lawn yesterday has something to do with it? But at least the lawn looks better now. I must have gone through a box of Kleenex today. Maybe I should take out stock. . . LOL

I picked Robbie up about 4:15 from daycare and his babysitter was here when we got home. A lady came and picked up a bunch of our boxes – she’s moving in a couple of weeks (I put them on Freecycle). Robbie did really well with Michelle (the babysitter) and didn’t even cry when I left. Of course, they were watching a Bob the Builder DVD, but he did say “Bye-bye Mommy” and give me kisses. The evening ceremony was a big one again – 200 or so soldiers and the gym was packed with family members and friends.

When I got home, Robbie was still up (just 7:30, so not that late) and we got him all tucked into bed and then I took a shower which helped a little. I’ve already taken my Benydryl, and I’m eating some supper. Off to bed early for me tonight. . .

Overnight low: 72
Today’s high: 86

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