What a Day (Training – Day 2)

The day did not start off good. Robbie pulled his diaper down below what it’s supposed to cover in the front and his bed was wet and his diaper was dry. So we had to strip his bed to wash the sheets, pillows, etc. He didn’t like that too much and fought Ryan getting dressed. I went up and helped and we finally got him dressed. So they get going to daycare/work and I chatted with my Dad to find out from Mom the best way to wash a pillow. I got my answer and went out to the garage to start the laundry. I get back inside and I’m not hearing the water running, so I thought maybe a circuit had popped and down to the basement I go. While I’m down there, looking at the circuit box with nothing wrong, the light goes out. The power is out. Great. . . So I call home to find out what to do with the washer – Mom said to turn it off and leave the lid open, so that’s what I did. It was then that I realized that I have an electric garage door opener and I have no idea how to override it. So I call Ryan to find that out, and then I was able to get the garage door open. I ate my breakfast (luckily we’re on city water, so I still had water!) and got ready to leave. I was thinking “Well, this day can’t get any worse and my training will be great.” I back out of the garage, get out and shut the garage door, get back in and go down the driveway. No sooner had I turned onto the street and the sky opened up and it just poured. Ok, so my day *could* get worse and my training was not going to be fun.

By the time I actually got to the training site, the rain had stopped and it actually turned out to be a beautiful day. So that was a good thing! After a mass accountability formation, the E-6’s and above were called out, and we went and did our mounted land navigation (mounted on vehicles, not horses). I’ve never done it before, but it was really easy. The 5 of us Staff Sergeants took turns riding in the passenger seat of the LMTV (the same truck I drove in Korea) and the rest of us rode in the back. The points were already plotted on the map, so basically we just had to follow the roads and tell the driver how to get to the next point. And we each only had to find one point. After we were done with that, we went back to the other training site where everyone else was, and we did the 6 stations there. We had classes/hands-on training with Calling in Direct Fire, First Aid, Communications, Weapons, Individual Movement Techniques, and NBC. Some of the instructors just talked to us briefly and signed our sheets and some of them actually went through their whole spiel. We were able to finish everything today, and we’ll get tomorrow off – the junior soldiers still have to do their land nav.

Once I was done, I went and picked Robbie up from daycare and we came home and played and watched Bob the Builder until Ryan got home. Robbie picked out the Bob DVD, took it out of the case, opened the DVD player, took the DVD that was in there out, and put his DVD in. All I had to do was close the drawer and push play. He’s a smart kid. I ordered pizza for supper since I hadn’t planned anything since I was supposed to be on a Troop Return Ceremony that I ended up not being on. It was really good and we have a couple of pieces left over.

Then we got cleaned up and Robbie went to bed – on his clean sheets. Let’s hope they stay that way tonight. I took a very relaxing shower and then sat and stitched. It was a good ending to a day that didn’t start off too good. Of course, something’s not right with our internet since the power went out and I think I’m going to have to call the cable company tomorrow. Web pages, if they open at all, are VERY SLOW. GRRR – I’m going to have a gazillion e-mails and message board posts when it gets fixed. Any thoughts on this?

Off to bed now. . .

Overnight low: 66
Today’s high: 84