Training – Day 1

It was a tired morning this morning after not much sleep last night. And then of course, it was “sit through a TON of mostly boring briefings” day. . . They couldn’t have picked a better day. And we couldn’t have food or beverages in the room we were in so no coffee or Mtn. Dew. But I made it through all the briefings – maybe a dozen of them – on all kinds of subjects from cultural stuff to health to legal stuff to Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment, etc. There were actually a few interesting ones, so it wasn’t a total waste of a day, but it sure was a long day. We started at 0930 and finally broke for lunch at 1255 (we had a few 5 minute breaks through there) and then back from 1330 to 1630.

After stopping for gas, I got Robbie from day care and then we went to the grocery store to get a few things for tomorrow – need to have lunch/food that we can put in our cargo pockets since we’ll be doing hands-on stuff in the field. We played for a while after we got home and then I started the sloppy joes for supper. Ryan had to work until 6 and had to run an errand on the way home, so we ate kind of late – about 6:45. Then we watched a Bob the Builder cartoon we had Tivo’ed before bedtime. Robbie snuggled with me for most of it. Once he was in bed, it was time for TV and stitching. Here’s a picture of one of my projects I’m working on. It’s by designer Lizzie Kate, and there’s a different chart for each month. I decided to do them all on one piece of fabric, and I have 10 months done now. Free Image Hosting at

Overnight low: 59
Today’s high: 81

Long Day

We went to church this morning and then shopping after – Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, and Herb Philipson’s. Then we came home and Robbie went up for a nap. I went back out to do the grocery shopping for the week. I kind of missed having Ryan along – he usually bags the groceries when we check out. But that’s ok – I managed, and he got to start watching the NASCAR race. I joined him when I got home, and I got some stitching done.

Dinner was ready when we got Robbie up from his nap – I did a roast in the crockpot with taters and carrots and onion and garlic. It was really good. I love my crockpot – just put the food in, turn it on, and forget about it until suppertime! Then we walked to the park to play for a while. There were a lot of kids there, including some big kids (middle school age) that didn’t really need to be there. Of course, there were not nearly enough parents around for the number of kids there, but what else is new? Then we thought we’d walk down to the little bakery that also has ice cream, but they’re closed on Sunday. So we walked home a different way and we had popsicles. After Robbie went to bed, we finished watching the race (we Tivo’ed it) and I stitched more.

I had formation at 11:30 for another troop return ceremony. This was the biggest one I’ve played – probably 300-500 soldiers. The waiting family members applauded the band LOUDLY during our pre-music. It was almost like we were playing a concert! The ceremony itself was short and now I’m home and heading to bed. Gotta get up early to go start my training tomorrow (later today).