Family Day and A New House!!

Good morning!! I won’t be around much right for now. We get our internet and cable hooked up at the house next Wednesday, so I’m using my work computer. And now that we’re finally staying in our house, I’m not going to be getting online before bedtime until we have internet in the house – too far to drive into work to use the computer.

Yesterday was Family Day at Remington Park on post. It was rainy, so Ryan and Robbie didn’t come out. Robbie went to day care and Ryan worked on stuff around the house. We finally managed to get the mattress upstairs – after much cutting on Ryan’s part. Not the mattress, but the ceiling area over the stairs. Once he’s done with the fixing it’ll look really nice. I was the team captain for the Battalion’s 1-Mile Fun Run Team, and we won!! We got a HUGE trophy for our efforts – it will be displayed in the BN building. Next was the raft race. That was an 8-man team and we had to carry the raft about 15-20 feet from the beach to the water, get in, paddle down about 200-300 yards and turn around and come back, then carry the raft back up the beach. Well, we didn’t do so well with that – we had a hard time steering the raft since my side of paddlers was stronger than the other side. We couldn’t get the raft to turn to go around the turn-around point, so we all just turned around on the raft, finally managed to get around the point and got the raft back. About 15 feet from shore, most of us jumped in the water and swam back pulling the raft. I had to go back in the water to help one of the other females out as she was having trouble swimming while carrying her paddle (most of us had thrown them in the raft when we jumped out). We finally finished in just over 8 minutes (about the same time as it took us to run a mile) and we ended up getting the Broken Paddle Award for the slowest time. But we sure had fun, and that was the main point of it!

After that, I left to go home, and Ryan and I went to Lowe’s and got our cabinets figured out for our house. We ordered half of them for now and they’ll be delivered later today along with our stove and dishwasher. They’re unfinished, so Ryan will get stain to match our existing cabinets. We got Robbie from day care and then went to the local hardware store for a shower curtain rod and blinds for the bedrooms. We stopped at a little Chinese Buffet place in town on our way home.

We slept in our house for the first time last night – sure was nice sleeping in our own bed again!! I only woke up twice during the night. The first time Robbie was screaming. He is sleeping on our sleeping bag right now, and somehow he managed to get into a corner of his room and he woke up and was in unfamiliar surroundings. I went up and got him back on the sleeping bag and cuddled with him for a while. Then later it started raining and it was windy and our blinds were blowing so I got up and closed the windows part way.

The kitties are settling in nicely and seem to be having fun exploring all over the house. They’ve ventured all the way up to the 3rd floor already, so I guess they like their new house.

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