No more jungle

We got up this morning and had breakfast at McDonald’s. The continental breakfast for us transient guests on post doesn’t start until 8 on the weekends and that wasn’t early enough for us. By a little after 8 we were at the U-haul place picking up a truck to go empty out our storage unit. A couple of my coworkers met us there to help, and then they followed us to our house to help unload the truck. That sure was nice of them and made things go a lot quicker. We got everything in the house and our only problem is that somehow we have to figure out how to get our mattress and box spring up the stairs. It’s about an inch of clearance not enough, but Ryan thinks he may have a solution. We’ll see. . . My friends left and Ryan went to take the truck back (he left his truck at the U-haul place). While he was gone, Robbie played with some of his toys and had fun running from window to window in the house and looking out and I brought some stuff upstairs to their respective rooms. Of course, I stopped to play with Robbie from time to time, too, and he also helped me bring a few things upstairs – a roll of toilet paper and a couple of other small things. He likes helping. He’s doing really good with all the steps – goes up and down on his hands and knees.

Once Ryan got back, we started on the jungle. The seller hadn’t gotten anyone to maintain the lawn while the house was on the market, and the grass was over 3 FEET tall in most places. We went over it one time with the lawnmower (borrowed, along with the weed-eater) at it’s highest level and then again at a normal level. Ryan did a little of it, but I did most of it. He used the weedeater around the edges and stuff. Then it all needed to be raked up – 3 lawn & leaf trash bags full! Oh, we went to lunch before we started on the lawn. It sure looks a lot better now. I wish I had remembered to take my camera with so I could have taken before pictures. Oh well. . . Ryan also got our mailbox almost all put in – got the post in the ground, but the mailbox isn’t on top yet. He needs an electric drill, and I’ll borrow one tomorrow so he can finish the mailbox in time for our first delivery on Monday! That’ll be exciting – our first mail in our new house (even though we’ve been using the addy for a month and a half already, but we’ve been picking it up at the post office).

We finally left the house a little after 4 and headed back to the ghetto to drop off Ryan’s truck and figure out where we wanted to go for dinner. We decided on the Golden Unicorn again, and just had sandwiches. Robbie had a hotdog with no bun (he doesn’t eat them right now), I had a tuna melt and the tuna actually squirted out when I bit into it there was so much!, and Ryan had an egg salad with olive and cheese sandwich (olive pieces were mixed into the egg salad). He said it was the best egg salad he’s ever had. And it only cost what it would have cost to go to McDonald’s or somewhere like that and it was WAY better food!

We stopped by the PX on our way home to get a few things for tomorrow’s work, and then it was home for showers (for all 3 of us, but Robbie sure didn’t like it) and bedtime for Robbie and stitching/relaxing time for me and Ryan. I think all 3 of us will sleep good tonight!

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