Home Sweet HOUSE!!!!!

We closed on our house today!!! We spent the morning running here and there and everywhere it seemed – Carthage Village Offices to take care of water, the post office to check our mail and tell them to start delivering it on Monday, the cable company (hook up won’t be until 5 July, so we’ll still be offline until then), Lowe’s to buy our dishwasher and stove (saved almost $100 because of their 10% military discount!!), and then to bring Robbie to SSG Q’s house – she watched him while we went to the closing. We finally met the seller and he’s a really nice guy. I signed a million (ok, maybe not that many) pieces of paperwork and after about an hour and a half, we got our keys! We got $200 cash from the seller since there were still a couple of things sitll not fixed from the inspection (we had our walk-thru yesterday with our realtor) and they’re things Ryan will be able to take care of fairly easily. And we handed over our part of the closing costs. The first place we went after we were done was out to Carthage to get more keys made – they only had one of each. Then we went to OUR HOUSE and finally emptied my van out. My poor plants aren’t going to know what to do – they’ve been in the back of my van since the end of April.

Then we went and picked Robbie up and went to the PX to get Ryan’s new glasses and then back to the ghetto for a bit – got a coupon I won at our church’s spaghetti dinner for a free pizza at Little Caeser’s. We went to Sears to get a cartridge for SSG Q’s weedeater (she’s letting us borrow that and her lawnmower to take care of our jungle) and then to Little Caeser’s to get our pizza. We came back to the ghetto to eat it – not bad, but it’s not Papa Johns (which they don’t have around here).

Before bedtime, we walked around the field across the street from our building for a while and then came in and got Robbie put to bed. I’m tired – you’d think I was busy today or something. But WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ll probably be staying in the ghetto until Monday – gotta make sure we can see our NASCAR race on Sunday! LOL

Oh, our household goods won’t be delivered until 5 July – that’s the earliest we could get it. So we have a house, but nothing much to put in it for another week and a half. It’ll give us time to paint and get cabinets/counters in, though, so that’s not too bad.

One thought on “Home Sweet HOUSE!!!!!

  1. OH MY G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m happy dancing for you!!!! Finally!!!! I was starting to think you were going to have to wait 17 months like I did LOL.

    I think it is a good thing that your stuff only arrives on the 5th… this way you have time to get things painted/cleaned/whatever. I bet the kitties will be happy too to be in a house again!!!

    Cheers Eva

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