PT Test

That’s what we did at work today. I did 45 pushups for 94%, 67 situps for 84%, and ran 2 miles in 18:41 for 75% and my total score was 253. There were 4 of us taking the test, and I did more situps than anyone and had the highest score! That was all we did today. We did have to come back in at 10, and we were going to finish up the lawn, but it’s hard to do when none of the equipement works. So one guy brought it in for repairs and I just kind of played around on the computer until we were told to go home. When we were released, SSG Q and I went to Walmart and got our nails done! She just got a pedicure, but I got a manicure and a pedicure. What a nice way to relax after a PT test! It was fun hanging out with her and chatting (but not as fun as hanging out with my buddy K back at Ft. Gordon).

I stopped at Arby’s drive thru on my way home for lunch and after I had eaten that, I got some stitching done before we went to go get Robbie. After we picked him up, we went to Carthage to a little fair that one of the churches was holding. The food was really cheap – we all ate (including dessert) for $13. Robbie got to go on some rides and he really enjoyed that. He fussed when it was time to leave because he wanted to keep riding, but we were out of ride tickets. It was a great fun family time!

No house yet. We’re still waiting on one tax thing re: the people we’re buying the house from. They’re a corporation, so they have to do corporate tax searches and stuff. Of course, you’d think they’d have done all this before if they were trying to sell the house, but oh well. As we keep waiting. . . .

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