We ran 2 miles at PT this morning – the exact route we use for the PT test. We’ve got a diagnostic test on Friday. I ran it with plenty of time left over for me to pass the test, but not as fast as I know I’ll eventually be able to run it. The rest of the day was spent putting beds together in the barracks. Once we had all the right parts it went fairly quickly. It was lunchtime before we knew it, and then I finished up the little bit we had left after lunch – everyone else had other things to tend to.

Well, that’s it for my exciting day. LOL After we picked Robbie up from “school”, we went to a little diner to eat – great food and an old-time diner atmosphere. We’ve been there before, and we decided it was time to go again. On our way back to the ghetto, we stopped at Walmart and got M.A.S.H. Season 10 to watch, and Robbie got a new Bob the Builder DVD. When we got back, we played with cars and balls for a while and then Robbie went to bed. I got the laundry started and pulled out my stitching. Once I get back from here (the band hall), the clothes should be dry. I’ll fold them tomorrow.

No news on our house yet. Keep your fingers crossed that we can close soon.

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