Robbie went to see the doctor this morning (ok, so we took him) to get a form filled out for daycare. Then we went to Burger King for breakfast, and after dropping the guys off at our room, I went and inprocessed Medical. It took several hours and Ryan brought Robbie to daycare by himself. After I was done, I went back and changed and we headed out to our house. Our inspection was this afternoon, thus the reason for Robbie being in daycare (he starts fulltime on Monday). It went really well, but there are a few things that the seller needs to take care of (nothing Ryan CAN’T do himself, but stuff that he shouldn’t HAVE to do). For the most part we are good to go, and that’s another stepping stone across the creek to get to our house. Dad, if you want to know about the stuff to be fixed, ask Ryan – he knows more than I do. LOL

We picked Robbie up from Honey Bear Daycare and headed “home”. We all had microwave mac & cheese for supper and had a good time playing before Robbie went to bed. Then we watched the NASCAR Busch race and I stitched.

Today’s low: 55 (current temp)
Today’s high: 63 (and rain, rain, rain)


Well, I’m offcially here now. I signed in last night and started my inprocessing today. I had probably a dozen briefings on various things all day. At least some of the people tried to make their briefings interesting and fun, but for the most part it was a long boring day. At least I’m almost done with my inprocessing because of those briefings.

When I got home we left to go pick up our loan application packet that our bank had sent to us at our realtor’s office. We’ll go over that and get everything signed and sent back. Then we went to Taco Bell for supper and then home to play a while before bedtime. After Robbie went to bed, I stitched for a while and then came online and chatted with a couple of stitching friends.

Overnight low: 57
Today’s high: 68

Good news!

Our realtor called today and the easement has gone through. We will have to pay a bit to the doctor’s office each year to help with the maintenance and plowing, but we had planned on offering to do that anyways. So it’s all good! As soon as I got off the phone with our realtor, I called my bank and got the application paperwork started. We should have it by Wednesday to sign and return. Right now we have a tentative closing date of 15 June, but I’m really hoping for earlier than that so we can get moved in and get our household goods before I leave on deployment.

Ryan went golfing again this afternoon – it was such a beautiful day out – so I had some nice quiet time with my stitching (after my phone calls). I’ve made quite a bit of progress on a new chart I started last week. It’s called I Love Cats, and it’s actually for me! Free Image Hosting at

After Ryan got home and Robbie woke up, we went outside and played for a while and then went to a sub place for supper. It was pretty good food – I guess it’s a local chain called Jreck Subs. We’ll be going back, that’s for sure. After we got home, we played for a bit more and then it was Robbie’s bedtime and I settled down with my stitching.

Overnight low: 39
Today’s high: 72

New church

Well, we checked out our local Lutheran church this morning. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. And there are lots of kids, so Robbie won’t be a problem at all. Especially compared to the 3 kids sitting behind us. They were probably early elementary school age, and certainly old enough to know how to behave in church – talking and laughing and mom didn’t do a thing to make them behave. It wasn’t a “normal” service as it was done by the women of the church and was a service they do once a year. After the service there were lots of goodies for fellowship time. We learned that there are probably a dozen or so military families that attend there (many of whom are deployed right now), including another band family. They weren’t there this morning, but they did give us their phone number so I might call them this week. Of course, the band member is already deployed but his wife and 3 kids are still here. Oh, another neat thing is that the church has a Military Concerns Committee, so that could be a good thing!

We went to Ponderosa afterward and had a good buffet lunch and then it was “home” for Robbie’s naptime. Ryan took a nap, too, and I did laundry, chatted with my brother and some friends, and got some stitching done. It was a nice peaceful time even though it took 2 hours for my clothes to dry because the dryers here stink. Hopefully we get word on our house soon. . .

After the guys woke up from their naps, we went to McDonald’s for supper and then did a bit of grocery shopping. After Robbie went to bed, I made my weekly phone call home to mom and dad and did more stitching.

Overnight low: 30
Today’s high: 55

Waiting. . .

We’re waiting and waiting. The seller is working on getting an easement for the shared driveway that isn’t part of the property. Our realtor adised us to hold off on paying the application fee until that goes through. So we’re waiting. This is so not fun. With my upcoming deployment looming upon us, I want to get in a house and get settled. But we’ll just wait. . .

We’ve been driving around and exploring, going to different stores to look at appliances and furnitures and stuff, and sitting around our room being bored. I’m getting a lot of stitching and crocheting done, and I went to the gym yesterday while Robbie was napping. When I got home Ryan left and went golfing.

Today we finally got a bit of grocery shopping done so we don’t have to eat out every night now – we bought some frozen dinners and stuff at Walmart today.

Yup – that’s about it. Not much exciting going on right now, but I thought I’d check in so you didn’t think I got lost or something.

Here’s a few cross stitch projects that I’ve finished in the past week – remember click on the picture to make it bigger.
July Flip It by Lizzie*Kate: Free Image Hosting at Noah’s Alphabet by Dragon Dreams: Free Image Hosting at
Seasons Greetings by Glory Bee: Free Image Hosting at

Overnight low: 43
Today’s high: 61