Six Flags Darien Lake

Yesterday was a long day – left about 7:45 and stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast and then for gas and we were on our way. It was about a 3 hour drive to Six Flags Darien Lake, but it was good traveling. We all got in for free since it was Military Appreciation Weekend – Active Duty for me, veteran for Ryan, and under 2 for Robbie. Of course, we did have to pay $10 for parking, but that’s ok. We walked around for a while and then went on a wooden roller coaster. They have a thing called Parent Swap where you wait at the exit with your child that’s too small for the rides, and then when one parent is done riding, you swap out with the other parent and both get to ride with only 1 waiting in line. That was kind of nice, other than we remembered we don’t like wooden rollercoasters – you get jostled around too much, and I had a headache when I got off. But I was ok.

Then we headed to the kiddie area and Robbie got to go on a few rides. Ryan went on some with him, and I went on some. Robbie sure enjoyed them, and didn’t want to get off went our turn was done. We all went on the big ferris wheel – Robbie did really good on it. We ate lunch at a little sit-down restaurant. Ryan didn’t care for his food much, but I thought my burger was good. And the water tasted funny and Ryan’s pop was flat. I think I’d recommed the little walk-up and get your food type places – but it was nice having a high chair for Robbie.

After we ate, Ryan went on some rides by himself and Robbie and I walked around (ok, I pushed him in the stroller) and we got to see a little parade of all the characters and some clowns and stuff. It wasn’t a very long parade, but it gave us something to do while waiting for Ryan. Robbie got some Mardi Gras beads from one of the characters. When Ryan was done with his rides, I did go on another roller coaster. The line was really short, so I just waited outside with Robbie and when Ryan got done, I went and waited in line. That was a good rollercoaster and I’m glad I decided to go on it! Then we took Robbie on a few more kiddie rides before we headed for the exit. Of course, we stopped at a gift shop and got a Six Flags magnet for our fridge (when we get it back. . .).

We headed home about 8 and Robbie was asleep almost before we were out of the parking lot. We stopped at McDonald’s about half way back to eat, and once we got back in the car, Robbie was out again. He barely woke up when Ryan changed his diaper to get him ready for bed when we got home.

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