Duty, Sleeping, and the Dentist

Friday I had 24-hour duty – from 9 a.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Saturday. It wasn’t too bad, and it was actually a pretty quiet shift. I got some stitching done, but about 4 a.m. I started getting really sleepy. I walked around the building outside a couple of times, and that last for about 1/2 hour. But I managed to stay awake the whole time. When I got off, I met Ryan & Robbie and we went to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast. Then they went to check the mail and to the zoo and I came home and slept for a while.

Saturday after Robbie’s “nap” (he didn’t really nap) we drove to Syracuse about an hour away. There was a pretty neat mall there – 3 stories and they had an old carousel. After we ate supper at the food court, Ryan took Robbie on the carousel. It was only $1 for Robbie, and Ryan didn’t have to pay since he stood next to Robbie! How cool is that. I was in bed about 10 Saturday night – tired from the duty.

Sunday morning Ryan let me sleep in, but he didn’t realize what time it was when he woke me up so we didn’t make it to church. He woke me up about 9:55 and church starts at 10. I felt much better though after 12 hours of sleep. After Robbie’s pseudo-nap, we drove to Gouveneur (sp?) just for something to do. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall town and not a whole lot there. We did find a little restaurant, but the service stunk and the food was ok at best. But at least it got us out of the “house”.

Yesterday was a pretty boring day – worked on cleaning the barracks more in the morning, and then after lunch I took my van in for it’s 42,000 mile check up (oil change, tire rotation, etc.). I stopped by the band hall on the way back just to see what was up for the next day.

This morning we had unit PT – first time in a while apparently. We ran to the fence and back – 3.4 miles total. I measured it with my van when I came home for lunch. Then after our 9:30 formation (can you have a formation with 4 people??) I got the other 2 soldiers going on the barracks again – they should have finished them this morning no problem. I had my annual dental cleaning at 1020, so I left for that. It wasn’t bad – probably my best experience since I’ve been in the Army. But I’m glad it’s over with for another year.

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