The dump, grass, an inspection, and showering in the dark

Today was another varied day. First thing this morning three of us went to bring some stuff to the dump on post. That didn’t take very long, and since it was actually sunny this morning (it’s been raining all week), the other newbie and I mowed the grass around all the band buildings. He rode the riding lawn mower and I used the push mower to do around the buildings and trees and stuff. It sure looks nice now.

After lunch (during which I took a 20 minute nap cuz I was so tired), I took my car to a local auto service place for my NY State Inspection. They require an inspection sticker even if your car is registered in another state that doesn’t require them. Of course, I passed (Ryan had his truck done yesterday and it passed, too). Then I went back to the band hall and supervised a cleaning detail I’ve been put in charge of. I got to sit up in the Admin office since I was the only one there other than the soldier completing the detail – someone needs to be in the office in case of phone calls. I made a few phone calls (on my phone) for stuff with our house – got an attorney for closing and got our homeowner’s insurance set up.

Once I got home, I took a shower. No sooner had I gotten shampoo in my hair and the power went out – we had a pretty strong thunderstorm go through. Luckily I still had water, and hot water at that. Ryan brought the flashlight in so I could kind of see to finish up. I think that’s the first time I’ve showered by flashlight before.

Then we went and picked Robbie up from day care and then into Watertown for supper. We ate at a place that one of the guys at work told me about. The food was pretty good (at least my mushroom Swiss burger was), but it was a little pricey and REALLY hard to find. Thanks for the help Rick! After we ate, we stopped for a few groceries and then it was home to play for a little bit before bed.

I’m off to bed now since I have 24 hour duty starting at 9 tomorrow morning.

Today’s low: 50 (current temp.)
Today’s high: 68

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