I got the stuff. . .

I got all my equipment and clothing stuff today – cold & wet weather clothes, protective gear, equipment, sleeping bag, etc. I have a very full duffle bag, a very full rucksack, my sleeping bag, and a pair of boots that wouldn’t fit in the bag. Going through this Issue Facility was the most efficient I’ve ever done. Once they called our name, we grabbed a shopping cart and went “shopping” – there were several stations, and at each station you got certain items. The person giving out the stuff at each station had it all laid out when you got there and you just checked it off on your inventory sheet and then put it in your cart. I was in and out of there in about an hour and a half – not bad at all for the amount of stuff I got. And I managed to get it all to my car in one trip!!

After lunch I was at the band hall, helping out with stuff around there. For the next couple of days I’ll be helping clean the barracks really good, doing some yardwork, etc. At least I’m doing something again!

Once I was done for the day, we picked Robbie up from day care, ate, did a little bit of shopping, etc. and then came home for the evening.

Overnight low: 48
Today’s high: 63

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