I’m With The Band!!

Yup! I’m done with my inprocessing after a fairly exciting day. I showed up at 9:30 like I was supposed to, and by 10 the building was being evacuated. I’m guessing either bomb threat or suspicious package (the post office is in that building as well). Nobody told us what was going on other than that we had to get out. We stood at the far side of the parking lot for 15-20 minutes or so and then they finally bussed us to the post theater. We stood around outside there for maybe another hour and finally got to go back. We finished what we were doing, but by that time it was almost time for our dental inprocessing so we just went to that. I’m glad I had breakfast. Dental wasn’t too bad – x-rays and an exam. I have to make an appointment for my annual cleaning. Then I got to do my final inprocessing stop and I was released to the band! I went by the band hall and they took me up to our Batallion to do a little bit of inprocessing there, and to see where I’ll have duty Friday to Saturday (24 hours). I got “home” a little before 5 and got changed and we went and picked Robbie up from day care and then headed into Watertown to get our phone numbers changed to local numbers and to eat. We ate at Bob Evans and Ryan and I had breakfast (I had blueberry pancakes) and Robbie had 2 little bitty cheeseburgers and some fruit.

Once we got home, I did stuff on the computer for a while since I hadn’t been on all day and then I stitched for a while. Off to bed now – gotta get used to going to bed a little earlier and getting up earlier.

Overnight low: 50
Today’s high: 70

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