Happy Mother’s Day!!

My little guy got up at 6:30 this morning – I guess he wanted to spend extra time with me. We watched some cartoons and ate breakfast together before Ryan got up. We went to church and saw what a “normal” service is like. It follows the liturgy that we’re used to. Communion was kind of a “drive-by” deal, but that’s ok. We just filed past Pastor and the assistant to receive the wafer and wine. Robbie got his blessing from Pastor. After church, we met Aunt Carol & Uncle Wayne for lunch. They’re on their way to MI from FL, and took a little bit of time to come see us. It sure was nice seeing them again – and if they hadn’t stopped, I probably wouldn’t have seen them before my deployment. We ate at Ponderosa and all had the all-you-can-eat buffet. It was really good. Thanks for lunch, C & W!!

During Robbie’s nap I got laundry going and once I got them in the dryer, I laid down for a little while as well. I was tired after getting up an hour or more earlier thatn I had planned on. When Robbie woke up, we went to McDonald’s for supper and to do some grocery shopping and then home to play before bed. Once Robbie was in bed, I called home to wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day and she opened the package I had sent her. She liked her gift. I got quite a bit of stitching done during the Survivor season finale. I’d say it was a good day!!

Overnight low: 46
Today’s high: 57 (and rain)

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