Robbie went to see the doctor this morning (ok, so we took him) to get a form filled out for daycare. Then we went to Burger King for breakfast, and after dropping the guys off at our room, I went and inprocessed Medical. It took several hours and Ryan brought Robbie to daycare by himself. After I was done, I went back and changed and we headed out to our house. Our inspection was this afternoon, thus the reason for Robbie being in daycare (he starts fulltime on Monday). It went really well, but there are a few things that the seller needs to take care of (nothing Ryan CAN’T do himself, but stuff that he shouldn’t HAVE to do). For the most part we are good to go, and that’s another stepping stone across the creek to get to our house. Dad, if you want to know about the stuff to be fixed, ask Ryan – he knows more than I do. LOL

We picked Robbie up from Honey Bear Daycare and headed “home”. We all had microwave mac & cheese for supper and had a good time playing before Robbie went to bed. Then we watched the NASCAR Busch race and I stitched.

Today’s low: 55 (current temp)
Today’s high: 63 (and rain, rain, rain)

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