Good news!

Our realtor called today and the easement has gone through. We will have to pay a bit to the doctor’s office each year to help with the maintenance and plowing, but we had planned on offering to do that anyways. So it’s all good! As soon as I got off the phone with our realtor, I called my bank and got the application paperwork started. We should have it by Wednesday to sign and return. Right now we have a tentative closing date of 15 June, but I’m really hoping for earlier than that so we can get moved in and get our household goods before I leave on deployment.

Ryan went golfing again this afternoon – it was such a beautiful day out – so I had some nice quiet time with my stitching (after my phone calls). I’ve made quite a bit of progress on a new chart I started last week. It’s called I Love Cats, and it’s actually for me! Free Image Hosting at

After Ryan got home and Robbie woke up, we went outside and played for a while and then went to a sub place for supper. It was pretty good food – I guess it’s a local chain called Jreck Subs. We’ll be going back, that’s for sure. After we got home, we played for a bit more and then it was Robbie’s bedtime and I settled down with my stitching.

Overnight low: 39
Today’s high: 72

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