Oops – a few days

I’ve had a nice relaxing week. Wednesday Robbie and I raked some more, and I ironed more in the afternoon during his naptime. Thursday was more of the same – finished the ironing! Ryan and I went to town in the late afternoon and left Grampa home to babysit Robbie (he offered). We picked up my wedding ring from the jewelers (I had a small diamond chip go missing and they replaced it) and got a few things at Walmart. Then he dropped me off at Mom’s nail place and he went home for a guys night at home with Dad and Robbie. Mom and I both got our nails done – her just fingers, and me fingers and toes. It was nice and relaxing. On our way home we stopped to get donuts for Dad and then ate at Beef-a-Roo. Pretty good food.
Today we went to Grandma & Grandpa’s house and Robbie got to play there and of course Grandma & Grandpa enjoyed seeing him and us again. Robbie “drove” Grandpa’s OLD tractor (he sat on the seat and played with the steering wheel), “shoveled” dirt off their driveway, played with his ball, and drew pictures with sidewalk chalk. Of course, he got hungry so Grandma fed him (thanks!) and couldn’t believe how much he ate. He really likes grapes and Grandma had some. Then we came home for his naptime and I did laundry and got some stitching done. My cousin Amanda came about 4:20 to babysit for the evening, and we met Mom for dinner at Fazoli’s and then went to a concert by the Negaunee Male Chorus. It was a really good concert. When we got home, we watched my DVD from when I was at BNCOC – of our recital and the ceremony we did. It was ok, but I would have done a few things differently if I had recorded it.

I’m off to bed now before I fall asleep at my computer.

Overnight low: 43
Today’s high: 61