A Helpful Day

Ryan got up with Robbie this morning so I could sleep in a bit. I got up at 9 and ate some donuts for breakfast. Robbie had to have part of mine even though he had already eaten breakfast with Gramma. We played for a while and then Ryan left with Dad to do some clock house calls. After they left, I got 2 rakes out of the garage and Robbie and I went and raked under Mom’s clothesline. Ok, so I did most of the work, but Robbie had a good time dragging the rake around and “helping”. Then we came in and had more leftover pizza for lunch and played more before naptime. While he was napping, I worked more on Mom’s pile of ironing and then got some stitching done. Ryan and Dad were home before Robbie woke up, and the 4 of us played until Mom got home from work. Dad grilled hamburgers for supper and they were really good. Mom had gotten coleslaw and tater salad as well. After supper Robbie went to bed (after sitting and watching TV with Grampa for a bit) and Mom and I started working on her sewing room. I set up 3 paperbags – Keep, Toss, and Freecycle – and she went through a good bit of the piles of stuff up there. She filled 2 bags for Freecycle and one each of the others. It already looks lots better up there, but we’ll keep working a little each day. Way to go Mom!! Sauna was a nice relaxing way to end the day, and I also got some more stitching done.

Overnight low: 28
Today’s high: 64

People Envy Your Generosity

You’re a giving soul, and you’d do almost anything for those you love. And they’d do anything for you!
People may envy how giving you are, but more than anything, they envy those you open your heart to.

One thought on “A Helpful Day

  1. hey there…

    Just wanted to say hi and that it sounds like ya’ll are having a relaxing time at home with your family. Things have been very tense here, but are getting better.

    Just wanted to say hi and I’m glad you seem to be doing well. I’ll text you later today when I can. Take care and tell Robbie and Ryan hi for me


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