Wow – it’s been a while. . .

Ok, so it’s been a whole week. Well, my week was pretty boring. How was yours? LOL

Sunday we finally got back to church, and that was nice. Everyone was glad to see us back. Robbie was very good, but Ryan did take him out during the sermon and let him play for a while. After church we did our grocery shopping for the week and then home for Robbie’s nap and us to watch the NASCAR race. But it got rained out so we didn’t get to watch it afterall.

Monday and Tuesday I was on pass, so I didn’t have to go to work. Robbie still went to daycare both days though as I had lots of other stuff to take care of. I brought the cats to the vet on Monday to get their shots updated and Tuesday I brought the van in for an oil change and tire rotation. I left the van there and had the courtesy shuttle bring me home. I didn’t mind being without a car all day. Both days I got some cleaning done, and some sorting. And of course, I stitched and crocheted as well. They were my days off afterall!

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty boring days at work, but I managed to find a few things to do. Wednesday morning I had an appointment for transportation to set up the DITY part of my move (DITY = Do IT Yourself). Thursday I made some phone calls about stuff – cable, electric (turning off here), my bank about my mortgage stuff, etc. Both days we were let go at 2, so they were nice short days. Wednesday evening I finished crocheting a baby blanket I made for a friend’s daughter. It made up quick – I just started it last week! I’ll take a picture once I get the ends tucked in.

Today was a comp day for the band, and since I haven’t done anything, I volunteered to sit CQ so the soldier scheduled could have her comp day. It was from 9-3, so not a bad day, and I got quite a bit of stitching done. I would have finished one project I’m working on, but I was missing a color of floss. I guess I’ll finish it tomorrow instead. The phone only rang about 4 or 5 times, so it was a pretty quiet day – just me and my CD’s and my stitching. A few band members stopped by throughout the day for various things, so I wasn’t completely alone all day. This evening we had a Ladies Night Out with the women of the band (wives or female soldiers). All the women were invited, and there were 8 of us there. We had dinner at Olive Garden and lots of good food and wonderful conversation. It was a lot of fun, and I wish they had started doing these sooner. I’ll be gone before the next one – they’re going to try and do them monthly. Once I got home around 8:45 or so, I got online and had a nice chat with my friend Kristin and a few other friends, and I checked my e-mail and message boards and stuff.

I’m heading off to bed now as I have another fun day planned tomorrow.

Overnight low: 44
Today’s high: 53 Where did spring go?

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