A nice relaxing weekend!

This was a very good weekend, and after I decided not to run the 8K race I had planned on yesterday morning, I had no plans for a change!! Yesterday I slept until 10:30, and boy I sure felt good when I woke up. I lazed around on the computer for a while and then headed out to check out a cross stitch shop in Virginia Beach. It was a pretty nice shop – lots of charts for samplers, if you’re into those. I did buy another package of needles since mine seem to disappear at times. Of course, that might be just because I have so many projects on the go at any given time. . . Then I went to A.C. Moore and got some DMC floss (8 for $1) and a book of crochet dishcloths. I plan on making a couple of dishcloths for my housekeeping lady (Nancy) as a thank you for taking such good care of me for the 8 weeks I’m here. After I was done there, I met up with a friend for lunch at a local place called Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Their food is REALLY good, but wow do you get a lot of it. The regular burgers have 2 patties, and we didn’t know that. I should have ordered the small one. And a regular order of fries is enough for 2, but we didn’t know that either and ended up with WAY plenty of fries. After I got back on base, I went over to the school house to practice for a while, and my friend Dan came and listened to my solo and gave me a few pointers. Then it was home for my evening phone call to my guys and then stitching and the Olympics.

I slept in until about 9 or so this morning and went to chapel and then over to practice some more. Jason came and listened to my solo today, and the tips from Dan yesterday helped today! Now let’s see what I can still do with my solo before Tuesday’s audition. During practicing, I also looked at my Brass Quintet music a little bit. Then I headed back “home” and got my laundry going and played on the computer for a while, and ate lunch. After my laundry was done, I went to the commissary to do a bit of shopping for the week. Once I got home and got my groceries and laundry put away, I just relaxed – computer, some stitching, watched the NASCAR race. Then I called Ryan and Robbie. Robbie stole the phone and was walking all over the house talking to me. I think it was kind of cute, but Ryan couldn’t hear me when Robbie went too far away. I sure do miss my guys. Then I settled back in with my stitching for the last bit of Olympic coverage and the Closing Ceremonies. I also made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad and we talked for about an hour.

Off to bed now – 0400 will be really early tomorrow.

Overnight low: something warmer than the 30 it is now
Today’s high: 43

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