Mace Day!!

We spent most of the day outside today. It was Mace Evaluation Day. I was the 8th one to go, and I feel that I did really well. I had lots of good comments from my classmates as well. Hopefully we’ll get our scores before we leave for our long weekend. Everyone passed the first time, so that’s a good thing! For our evaluation, we had 3 parts we had to do: Dress & Align the Band, Sound Off, and Pass in Review. We had a “band” with us – 8 classmates in a 4-man front band singing the marches. I think I was in the “band” for about 8 or 9 people, and boy was I tired of singing Bravura and American Soldier. LOL

After everyone had been evaluated, we went back in the classroom for a little bit of STX Prep. I have my outlines done for the 3 classes I’ll be teaching, and I also have my PT assignment. We’ll be doing PT with our STX Platoons on both Thursday and Friday of the 72 hour training event. I’m going to be doing a run day for my turn. I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet, but I still have a few weeks. I might do some relays, but I’ll have to see if that’s ok. We were released early today, and that was nice after being outside for most of the day. After doing a little bit of work on my rock report (started the research on the Beach Boys), I headed home to change and then head to the commissary for a tiny bit of grocery shopping. I also went and got a treat for the class tomorrow, but I can’t say what yet as there are some of my classmates that read this and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

After I got home, I had a nice phone call with my guys and then went and stitched and watched the Olympics. I’m going to bed early tonight – too much not enough sleep is not a good thing, and it’s catching up with me.

Overnight low: 32
Today’s high: 54